Hardcopy Book List
Author Title Publication Year Publisher Format ISBN  
Martin Caidin Cyborg 1978 Del Rey Mass Market Paperback 0345274873 Details
Julie Caille Change Of Heart (Regency) 1991 Kensington Pub Corp (Mm) Paperback 0821732781 Details
Kimberleigh Caitlin Nightwylde 1988 Jove Books Paperback 0515098019 Details
Robert Calderone The Complete Aviation/Aerospace Career Guide 1989 Aero Pub Inc Hardcover 0830682805 Details
Taylor Caldwell Dynasty Of Death 1970 Doubleday Publishing Hardcover 0385010664 Details
Gayle Callen The Duke In Disguise 2006 Avon Mass Market Paperback 9780060784126 Details
Gayle Callen Never Dare A Duke 2008 Avon Mass Market Paperback 9780061235061 Details
Gayle Callen Never Marry A Stranger 2009 Avon Mass Market Paperback 9780061235078 Details
Gayle Callen The Viscount In Her Bedroom (Avon Romantic Treasure) 2007 Avon Mass Market Paperback 9780060784133 Details
Dawn Calvert His And Hers (Zebra Historical Romance) 2008 Zebra Paperback 0821780603 Details
Caryn Cameron Dawn's Early Light (Harlequin Historical, No 11) 1988 Harlequin Paperback 0373286112 Details
Stella Cameron Death In The House (Intrigue, No 107) 1989 Harlequin Paperback 037322107X Details
Stella Cameron Once And For Always (Harlequin Superromance No. 340) 1988 Harlequin Paperback 0373703406 Details
Stella Cameron A Useful Affair 2004 Mira Paperback 0778320200 Details
Stella Cameron A Useful Affair 2004 Mira Paperback 0778320200 Details
Candace Camp The Bridal Quest 2008 HQN Books Mass Market Paperback 0373772572 Details
Candace Camp The Marriage Wager (Matchmakers) 2007 HQN Books Mass Market Paperback 0373772432 Details
Candace Camp The Courtship Dance 2009 HQN Books Mass Market Paperback 0373773544 Details
Candace Camp The Wedding Challenge (Matchmakers) 2008 HQN Books Mass Market Paperback 0373773080 Details
Bethany Campbell Diamond Trap (Harlequin Romance, No 2949) 1988 Harlequin Paperback 0373029497 Details
Bethany Campbell The Lost Moon Flower (Harlequin Romance, No 3000) 1989 Harlequin Paperback 0373030002 Details
Diana Campbell The Late Lord Latimer 1988 Signet Paperback 0451153995 Details
Diana Campbell The Reluctant Cyprian 1983 New American Library Paperback 0451123387 Details
Sandra Canfield Mariah 1988 Harlequin Paperback 0373703384 Details
Orson Scott Card Characters And Viewpoint (Elements Of Fiction Writing) 1999 Writer's Digest Books Paperback 0898799279 Details
Orson Scott Card Pastwatch The Redemption Of Christopher Columbus 1997 Tor Science Fiction Paperback 0812508645 Details
Orson Scott Card; James Cameron The Abyss 1989 Pocket Paperback 0671676253 Details
Diane Carey Best Destiny (Star Trek) 1992 Pocket Books Hardcover 0671795872 Details
Diane Carey Final Frontier (Classic Star Trek ) (Star Trek Novel) 1989 Star Trek Paperback 0671696556 Details
Diane Carey The Great Starship Race (Star Trek, Book 67) 1993 Star Trek Paperback 0671872508 Details
Diane Carey; Ira S. Behr; Robert H. Wolfe The Way Of The Warrior (Star Trek Deep Space Nine) 1995 Star Trek Paperback 0671568132 Details
Diane Carey; Ira S. Behr; Robert H. Wolfe; Ronald D. Moore The Search (Star Trek Deep Space Nine) 1994 Star Trek Paperback 0671506048 Details
Diane Carey; James I. Kirkland First Frontier (Star Trek, Book 75) 1995 Star Trek Paperback 0671520458 Details
Susannah Carleton The Marriage Campaign (Signet Regency Romance) 2003 Signet Paperback 0451208021 Details
Donna Carlisle Man Around The House (Desire, No 476) 1989 Silhouette Paperback 0373054769 Details
Sarah Carlisle Kit And Kitty (Coventry Romances) 1981 Ivy Books Mass Market Paperback 0449502023 Details
Liz Carlyle Beauty Like The Night 2005 Pocket Star Paperback 1416510613 Details
Liz Carlyle The Devil To Pay 2004 Pocket Star Paperback 0743470044 Details
Liz Carlyle Never Deceive A Duke 2007 Pocket Mass Market Paperback 141652715X Details
Liz Carlyle Never Lie To A Lady 2007 Pocket Mass Market Paperback 1416527141 Details
Liz Carlyle One Little Sin 2005 Pocket Star Paperback 0743496108 Details
Liz Carlyle Three Little Secrets 2006 Pocket Star Paperback 0743496124 Details
Liz Carlyle Two Little Lies 2005 Pocket Star Mass Market Paperback 0743496116 Details
Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh Handy Science Answer Book Edition 1994 Visible Ink Press Paperback 1578590124 Details
Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh Handy Science Answer Book Edition 1997 Visible Ink Pr Hardcover 157859099X Details
Leonard Carpenter Conan The Renegade (Conan) 1986 Tor Books Mass Market Paperback 0812542509 Details
Caleb Carr Killing Time 2002 Warner Books Paperback 044661095X Details
John Dickson Carr Captain Cut-Throat 1993 Carroll & Graf Pub Paperback 0881844373 Details
Philippa Carr; Victoria Holt; Jean Plaidy; Eleanor Hibbert The Song Of The Siren 1980 Putnam Adult Hardcover 0399124268 Details
Robyn Carr Informed Risks (Special Edition, No 517) 1989 Silhouette Paperback 0373095171 Details
Marisa Carroll; Carol I. Wagner; Marian F. Scharf Ties That Bind (Harlequin American Romance #286) 1989 Harlequin Paperback 0373162863 Details
Ashley Carter Sword Of Golden Stud (Lance Horner Novel) 1982 Fawcett Paperback 0449138429 Details
David A. Carter; Rosemary Carter No Greater Joy (Harlequin Romance, No 2965) 1989 Harlequin Paperback 0373029659 Details
Mildred Carter; Tammy Weber Body Reflexology 1994 Prentice Hall Press Paperback 0132997363 Details
Kathryn Caskie How To Engage An Earl (Avon Historical Romance) 2007 Avon Mass Market Paperback 0061124842 Details
Kathryn Caskie Love Is In The Heir (Warner Forever) 2006 Warner Forever Mass Market Paperback 0446616109 Details
John Cassidy; B. C. Rimbeaux Juggling For The Complete Klutz 1988 Klutz Paperback 0932592007 Details
P.C. Cast Goddess Of Light 2008 Berkley (MM) Paperback 9780425227091 Details
P.C. Cast Goddess Of Spring 2008 Berkley Trade Paperback 9780425227084 Details
P.C. Cast Goddess Of The Sea 2008 Berkley (MM) Paperback 9780425226889 Details
Linda Lea Castle Return Of Chase Cordell (Harlequin Historical) 1996 Harlequin Paperback 0373289480 Details
Barbara Catlin Mr Right (Special Edition, No 519) 1989 Silhouette Paperback 0373095198 Details
Jeanne Cavelos The Shadow Within 1997 Dell Paperback 0440223482 Details
Gina Cerminara Many Mansions: The Edgar Cayce Story On Reincarnation 1988 Signet Book Mass Market Paperback 0451168178 Details
Cathryn Huntington Chadwick; C. Chadwick A Cruel Deception 1990 Kensington Pub Corp (Mm) Paperback 0821732463 Details
Andrew Chaikin; Tom Hanks A Man On The Moon 1998 Penguin (Non-Classics) Paperback 0140272011 Details
Jack L. Chalker The Shadow Dancers (G. O. D. Inc, No. 2) 1987 Tor Books Mass Market Paperback 0812533089 Details
Jack L. Chalker War Of The Maelstrom (Changewinds Series, Book 3) 1988 Ace Books Mass Market Paperback 0441102689 Details
Lila K Chalpin A New Look At Microwave Cooking: A Practical Guide To The Possibilities Of Your Microwave Oven 1989 Dorison House Publishers Unknown Binding 0916752046 Details
Ginger Chambers Passages Of Gold (American Romance, No 288) 1989 Harlequin Paperback 037316288X Details
Sara Chance Woman In The Shadows (Silhouette Desire, No 485) 1989 Silhouette Paperback 0373054858 Details
Maggi Charles Diamond Moods (Silhouette Special Edition, No 497) 1988 Silhouette Paperback 0373094973 Details
Maggi Charles Man Of Mystery (Silhouette Special Edition No. 520) (Special Edition, No 520) 1989 Silhouette Paperback 0373095201 Details
Allison Chase Most Eagerly Yours 2010 Signet 9780451228949 Details
Allison Chase Outrageously Yours 2010 Signet 9780451231789 Details
Andra Chase Gifts From A Jar 2003 Publications International, Limited Ring-bound 0785389210 Details
Loretta Chase Don't Tempt Me 2009 Avon Books Mass Market Paperback 006163266X Details
Loretta Chase The English Witch 1988 Walker & Company Hardcover 0802710271 Details
C. J. Cherryh Festival Moon (Merovingen Nights, No. 1) 1987 DAW Paperback 0886771927 Details
Chloe Cheshire A Gypsy At Almack's (Harper Monogram Regency) 1994 Harpercollins (Mm) Paperback 0061082023 Details
Marion Chesney Annabelle 1988 St Martins Mass Market Paper Paperback 0312913656 Details
Marion Chesney Rainbird's Revenge (A House For The Season, Book 6) 1988 St Martins Mass Market Paper Paperback 0312912943 Details
Marion Chesney Silken Bonds (The Second Book In The Waverly Women) 1989 Fawcett Mass Market Paperback 0449216322 Details
Deborah Chiel Sabrina: Sabrina 1996 Pocket Paperback 0671537512 Details
Judy Christenberry The Notorious Widow 1988 Random House Trade Paperbacks Paperback 0517008386 Details
David Christie-Murray The Practical Astrologer: All You Need To Know To Construct Birth Charts, Cast Horoscopes And Discover What The Stars Have To Reveal 1996 Shooting Star Press Hardcover 1573354953 Details
Tom Clancy The Cardinal Of The Kremlin (Jack Ryan Novels) 1989 Berkley Mass Market Paperback 0425116840 Details
Tom Clancy The Hunt For Red October 1985 Berkley Paperback 0425083837 Details
Tom Clancy Red Storm Rising 1987 Berkley Paperback 042510107X Details
Tom Clancy; Martin Greenberg Ruthless.Com (Tom Clancy's Power Plays (Paperback)) 1998 Berkley Publishing Group Mass Market Paperback 0425165701 Details
Tom Clancy; Martin Greenberg; Jerome Preisler Shadow Watch (Tom Clancy's Power Play, 3) 2002 Berkley Publishing Group Mass Market Paperback 0425171884 Details
Tom Clancy; Steve R. Pieczenik; Jeff Rovin Op Center: Divide And Conquer: Divide And Conquer 2000 Penguin Putnam Inc, US Paperback 0425174808 Details
Tom Clancy; Steve R. Pieczenik; Jeff Rovin Tom Clancy's Op-Center (Tom Clancy's Op Center (Paperback)) 1995 Berkley Publishing Group Mass Market Paperback 0425147363 Details
Tom Clancy; Steve R. Pieczenik; Jeff Rovin Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Games Of State (Tom Clancy's Op Center (Paperback)) 1996 Berkley Publishing Group Mass Market Paperback 0425151875 Details
Tom Clancy; Steve R. Pieczenik; Jeff Rovin Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Mirror Image (Tom Clancy's Op Center (Paperback)) 1995 Berkley Publishing Group Mass Market Paperback 0425150143 Details
Tom Clancy; Jerome Preisler Politika (Tom Clancy's Power Plays) 1997 Berkley Publishing Group Mass Market Paperback 0425162788 Details
Chris Claremont; George Lucas Shadow Dawn (Chronicles Of The Shadow War/George Lucas, 2) 1996 Spectra Hardcover 0553095978 Details
Catherine Clark Icing On The Lake 2005 Avon Paperback 0060815345 Details
Kathy Clark Groom Uknown (Harlequin American Romance No 536) 1994 Harlequin Paperback 0373165366 Details
Kathy Clark Phantom Angel (Harlequin American Romance, No 348) 1990 Harlequin Paperback 0373163487 Details
Kathy Clark Sweet Anticipation (Harlequin American Romance 224) 1987 Harlequin Paperback 0373162243 Details
Mary Higgins Clark Weep No More, My Lady 1993 Dell Paperback 0440200989 Details
Mary Higgins Clark; Kathy Clark Count Your Blessings (Harlequin American Romance, No 461) 1992 Harlequin Paperback 0373164610 Details
Mary Higgins Clark; Kathy Clark Kissed By An Angel (American Romance, 282) 1989 Harlequin Paperback 0373162820 Details
Mary Higgins Clark; Kathy Clark Stroke Of Midnight (Harlequin American Romance, No 571) 1995 Harlequin Paperback 0373165714 Details
Norma Lee Clark The Tynedale Daughters 1982 Ivy Books Mass Market Paperback 0449502856 Details
Arthur C. Clarke The Other Side Of The Sky 1959 Roc Paperback 0451099125 Details
Sydney Ann Clary The Duchess And The Devil 1988 Kensington Mass Market Paperback 0821722646 Details
Molly Cochran; Warren Murphy The Forever King (Forever King Trilogy) 1993 Tor Books Mass Market Paperback 0812517164 Details
David B. Coe Eagle-Sage (The Lon Tobyn Chronicle, Book 3) 2001 Tor Fantasy Paperback 0812566866 Details
David B. Coe The Outlanders (The Lon Tobyn Chronicle, Book 2) 1999 Tor Fantasy Paperback 0812571134 Details
Elaine Coffman Angel In Marble 1998 Ivy Books Paperback 0449150550 Details
Elaine Coffman My Enemy, My Love 1988 Dell Mass Market Paperback 0440201985 Details
Cogoli Photo- Offset Fundamentals -Stud Wkbk 1993 Schools Paperback 0026756005 Details
John E. Cogoli Photo-Offset Fundamentals 1973 McKnight Pub. Co Unknown Binding 0873452321 Details
Theodore R. Cogswell; Charles A. Spano Spock, Messiah! (Star Trek) 1993 Spectra Mass Market Paperback 0553246747 Details
Morris L. Cohen; Daniel Cohen Strange And Amazing Facts About Star Trek: Strange And Amazing Facts About Star Trek 1990 Simon Spotlight Entertainment Paperback 067172956X Details
Jackie Collins Rock Star 1989 Pocket Paperback 0671674366 Details
Max Allan Collins Waterworld (Movie-Tie-In) 1995 Berkley Paperback 1572970014 Details
Penny Colvin Blood And Wine 1989 Pocket Paperback 0671633910 Details
Mary Chase Comstock A Sparkling Affair (Regency Romance) 1993 Kensington Publishing Corporation Paperback 0821741705 Details
Phoebe Conn Hearts Of Gold 1988 Warner Books Paperback 0445208120 Details
Martin Connors; Jim Craddock; Julia Turk Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever 1998 1997 Client Distribution Services Paperback 1578590248 Details
Dawn Cook The Decoy Princess 2005 Ace Paperback 0441013554 Details
Dawn Cook First Truth 2002 Ace Paperback 9780441009459 Details
Dawn Cook Hidden Truth 2002 Ace Paperback 9780441010035 Details
Dawn Cook Princess At Sea 2006 Ace Paperback 0441014240 Details
Louise Cooper The Master: The Time Master #3 (Time Master) 1987 Tor Books Mass Market Paperback 0812533968 Details
Sonni Cooper Blackfire (Star Trek, No 8) 1983 Star Trek Paperback 0671836323 Details
Delinda Corbin Auction Affair 1988 Random House Trade Paperbacks Paperback 0517007940 Details
Nicola Cornick The Confessions of a Duchess 2009 Harlequin Books Mass Market Paperback 9780373773770 Details
Nicola Cornick Deceived (Hqn Romance) 2006 HQN Books Mass Market Paperback 0373771649 Details
Nicola Cornick The Last Rake In London (Harlequin Historical Series) 2008 Harlequin Mass Market Paperback 0373294999 Details
Nicola Cornick Miss Verey's Proposal (Harlequin Historical, No. 604) 2002 Harlequin Paperback 037329204X Details
Nicola Cornick Mistress By Midnight 2010 HQN Books 9780373774883 Details
Nicola Cornick One Wicked Sin 2010 HQN Books 9780373774876 Details
Nicola Cornick The Rake's Mistress (Historical) 2005 Harlequin Paperback 0373293674 Details
Nicola Cornick The Scandals of An Innocent 2009 HQN Books Mass Market Paperback 9780373773893 Details
Nicola Cornick True Colours (Reader's Choice) (Harlequin Regency Romance) 2001 Harlequin Paperback 0373511345 Details
Nicola Cornick The Undoing of a Lady (Brides of Fortune) 2009 HQN Books Mass Market Paperback 9780373773954 Details
Nicola Cornick Virtuous Cyprian (Harlequin Historical Series, No 566) 2001 Harlequin Paperback 0373291663 Details
Nicola Cornick Whisper Of Scandal 2010 HQN Books 9780373774401 Details
Lee Correy; Corey Abode Of Life: Star Trek #6 (Star Trek Novel, No 6) 1989 Star Trek Paperback 0671705962 Details
Matthew J. Costello Seaquest 2 1993 Ace Books Paperback 0441000398 Details
Catherine Coulter Beyond Eden 2000 Signet Book Mass Market Paperback 0451202317 Details
Catherine Coulter Devil's Daughter 2000 Signet Paperback 0451158636 Details
Catherine Coulter Lord Of Falcon Ridge 2003 Jove Paperback 0515115843 Details
Catherine Coulter Mad Jack (Bride (Paperback)) 1999 Jove Paperback 0515124206 Details
Catherine Coulter Midsummer Magic 1987 Onyx Books Mass Market Paperback 0451400577 Details
Catherine Coulter Moonspun Magic 1988 Onyx Books Paperback 0451400909 Details
Catherine Coulter The Offer 1997 Topaz Paperback 0451407946 Details
Catherine Coulter Pendragon 2001 Jove Paperback 051513225X Details
Catherine Coulter The Rebel Bride 1994 Topaz Paperback 0451404327 Details
Catherine Coulter Rosehaven 2000 Jove Books Mass Market Paperback 051512088X Details
Catherine Coulter The Scottish Bride (Bride Trilogy (Paperback)) 2001 Jove Paperback 0515129933 Details
Catherine Coulter The Wild Baron 1997 Jove Paperback 0515120448 Details
Catherine Coulter Wild Star 1986 New Amer Library (Mm) Paperback 0451400135 Details
Catherine Coulter Wizard's Daughter 2007 Jove Paperback 0515143944 Details
Catherine Coulter The Wyndham Legacy 1994 Jove Paperback 0515114499 Details
Caroline Courtney Forbidden Love 1989 Warner Books Paperback 0446942979 Details
Caroline Courtney Guardian Of The Heart 1979 Warner Books Paperback 0446940534 Details
Caroline Courtney Love In Waiting (Caroline Courtney) 1982 Warner Books Paperback 0446909629 Details
Caroline Courtney Love Triumphant 1980 Warner Books Paperback 0446942936 Details
Caroline Courtney Love Unmasked 1979 Warner Books Paperback 0446940542 Details
Caroline Courtney The Fortunes of Love Warner Books Paperback 0446940550 Details
Jacques-Yves Cousteau Whale Mighty Monarch Of The Sea A W Publ Paperback 0891040773 Details
Melissa Crandall Search & Rescue (Quantum Leap, No. 5) (Quantum Leap No 5) 1994 Ace Paperback 044100122X Details
Melissa Crandall; Melissa Linbacher; Melissa Limbacher Shell Game (Star Trek, Book 63) 1993 Star Trek Mass Market Paperback 0671795724 Details
Sara Craven Devil And The Deep Sea (Harlequin Presents, No. 1143) (Harlequin Presents, No 1143) 1989 Harlequin Paperback 0373111436 Details
Gwyn Cready Flirting With Forever 2010 Pocket Mass Market Paperback 9781439107249 Details
Ann Elizabeth Cree The Duke's Mistress (Harlequin Historical Series) 2004 Harlequin Paperback 0373293054 Details
Kathleen Creighton Wanted Man (American Heroes) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No. 547) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 7547) 1994 Silhouette Paperback 0373075472 Details
Noel Creighton; Christopher Hynd; Noel Hynd; Christopher Creighton The Khrushchev Objective 1989 Kensington Publishing Corporation Mass Market Paperback B000HX7F0S Details
Nadine Crenshaw Captive Melody 1989 Heartfire Paperback 0821725661 Details
Jasmine Cresswell Free Fall (Harlequin Intrigue, No 105) 1988 Harlequin Paperback 0373221053 Details
Jasmine Cresswell Love For Hire (Harlequin Romance, No 3176) 1992 Harlequin Paperback 0373031769 Details
Jasmine Cresswell Perfect Bride (Harlequin Romance, No. 3270) 1993 Harlequin Paperback 0373032706 Details
Jasmine Cresswell Traitor's Heir 1985 Harlequin Paperback 0373310072 Details
Michael Crichton Jurassic Park 1991 Ballantine Books Paperback 0345370775 Details
Michael Crichton; Blair Brown Airframe 1996 Random House Audio Audio Cassette 0679452664 Details
A.C. Crispin Yesterday's Son 1983 Star Trek Paperback 0671473158 Details
Peggy Cross Saphire Moon: Lasting Impress-Cn 1988 St. Martin's Press Paperback 0312913087 Details
Ken Croswell Planet Quest: The Epic Discovery Of Alien Solar Systems 1998 Harvest Books Paperback 015600612X Details
Jennifer Crusie Fast Women 2002 St. Martin's Paperbacks Paperback 0312980159 Details
Jennifer Crusie Strange Bedpersons 2003 Mira Paperback 1551667436 Details
Jennifer Crusie Welcome To Temptation 2001 St. Martin's Paperbacks Paperback 0312974256 Details
Monette Cummings Royal Conspiracy 1988 Random House Trade Paperbacks Paperback 0517008270 Details
Clive Cussler Blue Gold 2000 Pocket Paperback 067178546X Details
Clive Cussler Cyclops 1986 Pocket Paperback 0671631845 Details
Clive Cussler Pacific Vortex! 1984 Bantam Paperback 0553228668 Details
Clive Cussler Treasure 1988 Pocket Mass Market Paperback 0671671138 Details
Clive Cussler; Paul Kemprecos Inca Gold (Clive Cussler) 1995 Pocket Mass Market Paperback 0671519816 Details
Clive Cussler; Paul Kemprecos Lost City 2004 Putnam Adult Hardcover 039915177X Details

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