Hardcopy Book List
Author Title Publication Year Publisher Format ISBN  
Dafydd ab Hugh Fallen Heroes (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 5) 1994 Star Trek Mass Market Paperback 067188459X Details
Barbara Abbey The Complete Book Of Knitting 1971 The Viking Press, Inc. Hardcover 0670233994 Details
Robert Adams Trumpets Of War (Horseclans, No 16) 1987 New Amer Library (Mm) Paperback 0451147154 Details
Robert Adams; Pamela Crippen-Adams Friends Of The Horseclans (Horseclans) 1987 New Amer Library (Mm) Paperback 0451147898 Details
Scott Adams Fugitive From The Cubicle Police 1996 Andrews McMeel Publishing Paperback 0836221192 Details
Michael Agnes; Charlton Grant Laird Webster's New World Roget's A-Z Thesaurus 1999 Webster's New World Paperback 0028631234 Details
Brian W. Aldiss; Robert Silverberg Born With The Dead/ The Saliva Tree (Tor Double Novel #3) 1988 Tor Books Paperback 0812559525 Details
Buzz Aldrin; John Barnes The Return 2001 Tor Books Paperback 081257060X Details
Lloyd Alexander Taran Wanderer 1980 Laurel Leaf Mass Market Paperback 0440984831 Details
Lloyd Alexander The Black Cauldron (Laurel-Leaf Books) Dell Publishing Company Paperback 0440906490 Details
Tasha Alexander And Only to Deceive 2006 Harper Paperbacks Paperback 006114844X Details
Tasha Alexander A Fatal Waltz 2009 Harper Paperbacks Paperback 9780061174230 Details
Victoria Alexander Her Highness, My Wife 2002 Avon Mass Market Paperback 0060001445 Details
Victoria Alexander The Lady In Question 2003 Avon Paperback 0060517611 Details
Victoria Alexander A Little Bit Wicked 2006 Avon Mass Market Paperback 006088262X Details
Victoria Alexander The Perfect Wife 2008 Avon Mass Market Paperback 0061438553 Details
Victoria Alexander The Pursuit Of Marriage 2004 Avon Paperback 006051762X Details
Victoria Alexander The Virgin's Secret 2009 Avon Mass Market Paperback 0061449474 Details
Jo Ann Algermissen Butterfly (Silhouette Desire, No 486) 1989 Silhouette Paperback 0373054866 Details
Roger Macbride Allen Ambush At Corellia (Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy, Book 1) 1995 Spectra Paperback 0553298038 Details
Roger Macbride Allen Assault At Selonia (Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy, Book 2) 1995 Spectra Paperback 0553298054 Details
Roger Macbride Allen Showdown At Centerpoint (Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy (Paperback)) 1995 Spectra Paperback 0553298062 Details
Heather Allison His Cinderella Bride (Harlequin Romance , Vol 3466) 1997 Harlequin Paperback 0373034660 Details
Kerry Allyne Beneath Wimmera Skies (Harlequin Romance, No 2947) 1988 Harlequin Paperback 0373029470 Details
Ted Alspach; Matt LeClair Illustrator 9 For Dummies 2000 For Dummies Paperback 0764506684 Details
Robyn Amos Wedding Bell Blues 2004 HarperTorch Mass Market Paperback 0380815435 Details
Kevin J. Anderson Champions Of The Force (Star Wars: The Jedi Academy Trilogy, Vol. 3) 1994 Spectra Paperback 055329802X Details
Kevin J. Anderson Dark Apprentice (Star Wars: The Jedi Academy Trilogy, Vol. 2) 1994 Spectra Paperback 0553297996 Details
Kevin J. Anderson Jedi Search (Star Wars: The Jedi Academy Trilogy, Vol. 1) 1994 Spectra Mass Market Paperback 0553297988 Details
Kevin J. Anderson Star Wars: Tales From Mos Eisley Cantina (Star Wars (Random House Paperback)) 1995 Spectra Paperback 0553564684 Details
Kevin J. Anderson Tales From Jabba's Palace 1995 Spectra Paperback 0553568159 Details
Kevin J. Anderson The Shadow Academy (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, Book 2) 1995 Berkley Paperback 1572970251 Details
Kevin J. Anderson; Doug Beason Ignition 1997 Tor Books Paperback 0812545486 Details
Poul Anderson; Karen Anderson Dahut (King Of Ys, Book Iii) 1988 Baen Paperback 0671653717 Details
Ted Andrews How To Heal With Color (Llewellyn's Practical Guide To Personal Power) 2002 Llewellyn Publications Paperback 0875420052 Details
Kate Angell Sliding Home 2009 Dorchester / Contemporary R Mass Market Paperback 9780505528087 Details
Piers Anthony And Eternity (Incarnations Of Immortality (Paperback)) 1991 Eos Paperback 0380752867 Details
Piers Anthony Bearing An Hourglass (Incarnations Of Immortality, Book 2) 1985 Del Rey Mass Market Paperback 0345313151 Details
Piers Anthony Being A Green Mother (Incarnations Of Immortality (Paperback)) 1988 Del Rey Paperback 0345322231 Details
Piers Anthony For Love Of Evil 1990 Eos Paperback 0380752859 Details
Piers Anthony Man From Mundania (Xanth Trilogy, No 12) 1989 Avon Books (Mm) Paperback 0380752891 Details
Piers Anthony On A Pale Horse 1984 Del Rey Mass Market Paperback 0345305183 Details
Piers Anthony On A Pale Horse (Incarnations Of Immortality, Bk. 1) 1986 Del Rey Paperback 0345338588 Details
Piers Anthony Out Of Phaze (Apprentice Adept (Paperback)) 1988 Ace Paperback 0441644651 Details
Piers Anthony Robot Adept (Apprentice Adept Series, Book Five) (Apprentice Adept (Paperback)) 1989 Ace Mass Market Paperback 044173118X Details
Piers Anthony Shade Of The Tree 1987 Tor Books Mass Market Paperback 0812531035 Details
Piers Anthony Wielding A Red Sword (Incarnations Of Immortality (Paperback)) 1987 Del Rey Paperback 0345322215 Details
Piers Anthony With A Tangled Skein (Book Three Of Incarnations Of Immortality) 1986 Del Rey Paperback 0345318854 Details
Piers Anthony; Mercedes Lackey If I Pay Thee Not In Gold 1994 Baen Paperback 0671876236 Details
Piers Anthony; Robert E. Margroff The Ring (R) 1986 Tor Books Mass Market Paperback 0812531183 Details
Amy Appleby The Library Of Folk Songs (Library Of) 1999 Amsco Music Plastic Comb 0825617707 Details
Tom Arah Web Type Expert 2003 Friedman Paperback 1586639668 Details
Jane Archer Captive Dreams (Zebra Heartfire Romance) 1988 Kensington Publishing Corporation Paperback 0821725432 Details
Nathan Archer Ragnarok (Star Trek Voyager, No 3) 1995 Star Trek Paperback 067152044X Details
Judith Arnold Legacy Of Secrets (Delta Justice, No. 11) 1998 Harlequin Paperback 0373825714 Details
Judith Arnold One Whiff Of Scandal (American Romance, No 281) 1989 Harlequin Paperback 0373162812 Details
Katherine Arthur Forecast Of Love (Harlequin Romance #2905) 1988 Harlequin Paperback 0373029055 Details
Katherine Arthur Send Me No Flowers (Harlequin Romance, No 2948) 1988 Harlequin Paperback 0373029489 Details
Jane Ashford The Marriage Wager 1996 Fanfare Mass Market Paperback 0553575775 Details
Jennifer Ashley The Mad, Bad Duke 2006 Leisure Books Mass Market Paperback 0843956070 Details
Rebecca Ashley Right Suitor (Regency Romance) 1988 Fawcett Mass Market Paperback 0449215474 Details
Mollie Ashton A Debt Of Honor (Harlequin Regency Romance) 1983 Harlequin Paperback 0373310013 Details
Isaac Asimov Asimov On Physics 1979 Avon Books (Mm) Paperback 0380418487 Details
Isaac Asimov Robots Of Dawn (Robot City (Paperback)) 1984 Del Rey Mass Market Paperback 0345315715 Details
Isaac Asimov Understanding Physics 1992 Buccaneer Books Hardcover 0880292512 Details
Robert Asprin Myth-Nomers And Im-Pervections (Myth-Nomers & Im-Pervections) 1988 ACE Charter Mass Market Paperback 044155279X Details
A. A. Attanasio The Dragon And The Unicorn 1996 Eos Mass Market Paperback 0061057797 Details
Jean M. Auel The Clan Of The Cave Bear (Earth's Children (Paperback)) 1984 Bantam Mass Market Paperback 0553250426 Details
Jean M. Auel Mammoth Hunters,The (Auel, Jean M. , Earth's Children.) 1986 Bantam Paperback 0553260960 Details
Jean M. Auel The Valley Of The Horses (Book 2, Earth's Children) 1983 Bantam Doubleday Dell Paperback 0553234811 Details
Elizabeth August Author's Choice (Men Made In America) #8 (Men Made In America, No 8) 1993 Silhouette Paperback 037345158X Details
Elizabeth August Bridal Shower (Always A Bridesmaid) (Silhouette Romance, No 1091) 1995 Silhouette Paperback 0373190913 Details
Elizabeth August Wild Horse Canyon (Silhouette, No 626) 1988 Silhouette Paperback 0373086261 Details
John Avlon Wingnuts: How The Lunatic Fringe Is Hijacking America 2010 Beast Books Paperback 9780984295111 Details
Jeff Ayers Voyages Of Imagination: The Star Trek Fiction Companion (Star Trek) 2006 Star Trek Paperback 1416503498 Details

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