Books Read - 2008


01. In the Words of Ginerva Molly Potter (ff) by theJeaLousOne

02. The Accidental Mistress by Tracy Anne Warren

03. Need (ff) by iluvfanfics (M)

04. Meaning of One, Part One: The Philosopher's Stone (ff) by Sovran

05. Stealing Harry (ff) by Sam Storyteller (M)

06. Harry Potter and the Power of Emotion (ff) by Melindaleo

07. The Seventh Horcrux (ff) by Melindaleo

08. This Means War (ff) by Jeconais

09. Ginny's Gift (ff) by Ashwinder

10. The Long Road Home (ff) by Ashwinder

11. Heal the Pain (ff) by Aibhinn

12. Dead Without You (ff) by JadeSeraph

13. Just A Taste by Deirdre Martin

14. Shades of Grey (ff) by CreativeQuill

15. Chasing Rainbows (ff)by CreativeQuill

16. Two Kinds of Light (ff) by CreativeQuill

17. Harry Potter and the Power of Truth (ff) by CreativeQuill

18. Harry Potter and the Power of Faith (ff) by CreativeQuill

19. Trust (ff) by CreativeQuill

20. Evanescence (ff) by CreativeQuill

21. The Bargain (ff) by MrIntel

22. Where In The World is Harry Potter (ff) by nonjon (*)

23. A Year Like None Other (ff) by Aspen in the Sunlight

24. Seeking the Silver (ff) by hgfan1111 (M)

25. Within You, Without You (ff) by mapleandmahogany (M)

26. Roses in December (ff) by AmandaR

27. The Refiner's Fire (ff) by Abraxan

28. Snow (ff - short [40K]) by Emmilyne (M)

29. Of Hearts and Heroes (ff) by Emmilyne (M, §)

30. The Price of Love (ff) by RogueSugah (M)

31. The Time of Destiny (ff) by Abraxan

32. Rebuilding Life (ff - active WIP) by Kezzabear (§)

33. Harry Potter and the Nightmare of Futures Past (ff - active WIP) by Viridian (§)

34. The Coven of Echoes (ff) by hwhimsey (M)

35. Harry Potter and the Veil of Shadows (ff - active WIP) by Elaithin (M, §)

36. Protection (ff - active WIP) by PrincessPotter (§)

37. The World As We Knew It (ff) by ginnyp0tter

38. Normalcy (ff - active WIP) by Notadryeeye (§)

39. Magic Within, Magic Without (ff) by St. Margarets

40. The Right Time (ff) by cwarbeck

41. The Last Honest Woman (O'Hurleys 1) by Nora Roberts (a)

42. Born in Fire (Concannon 1) by Nora Roberts (a)

43. Learning to Fly (ff) by hgfan1111

44. The Prodigal Daughter (ff - active WIP) by iluvfanfics (M, §)

45. Saving Harry (ff) by The Seeker

46. Born in Ice (Concannon 2) by Nora Roberts (a)

47. Harry Potter and the Power of Emotion (ff) by Melindaleo (x)

48. Blood Brothers (Sign of Seven 1) by Nora Roberts (a)

49. The Hollow (Sign of Seven 2) by Nora Roberts (a)

50. Born in Shame (Concannon 3) by Nora Roberts (a)

51. Within You, Without You (ff) by mapleandmahogany (M, x)

52. Save Me (ff) by SaraEK (M)

53. One Look (ff) by PrincessPotter (M)

54. Dance to the Piper (O'Hurleys 2) by Nora Roberts (a)

55. Skin Deep (O'Hurleys 3) by Nora Roberts (a)

56. Without a Trace (O'Hurleys 4) by Nora Roberts (a)

57. The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn

58. A Coventry Christmas by Becky Cochran

59. The Runaway Princess by Christine Dodd

60. Just Desserts by Nora Roberts (a)

61. Lessons Learned by Nora Roberts (a)

62. A Belated Bride by Karen Hawkins

63. Lucky Charm by Carly Phillips

64. Yellow Submarine (ff - active WIP) by Deadwoodpecker (M, §)

65. Brighter Than Sunshine (ff) by hgfan1111

66. The Perfect Wife by Victoria Alexander

67. Easier To Be (ff) by hgfan1111

68. Mr. Cavendish, I Presume by Julia Quinn

69. Scandal's Daughter by Christine Wells

70. Starting Over (ff) by serendipity_50

71. She Drives Me Crazy by Leslie Kelly

72. When the Duke Returns by Eloisa James

73. The Dangerous Duke by Christine Wells

74. Sugarplum Surprise by Elizabeth Fairchild



(x) = Previously Read
(*) = Borderline Recommendation
(a) = Audiobook
(M) = Mature content, adult only
(§) = Incomplete, over 100K words


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