SpellCast Christmas Readings

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Narrated for the SpellCast Christmas episode.

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The December Promise by Cwiddy
Text version of this story can be found here.
It's almost Christmas, and Ginny is remembering Harry's promise to be home for Christmas and thinking about what the past has held and what the future may bring. Author's Note: This was written prior to DH so I did not know what would happen at the holidays. Therefore it is AU due to what occurred in DH. (Harry/Ginny)

There's Nargles in the Mistletoe by BelieveMeNatalie
Text version of this story can be found here.
"Neville was waiting, however impatiently, for the arrival of a certain Ravenclaw, one with dirty-blond hair and large round eyes, one who spoke as though it didn't matter, one who looked like, who smelled like, who simply was the perfect girl." Christmas one-shot. (Neville/Luna)

Unforgettable by zzz_Epans
Text version of this story can be found here.
"Despite the War we were involved in at the time, despite that fact that I knew how great a chance there was we wouldn’t all make it through, despite the horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach which had been there since this all began, that Christmas was the happiest day of my life. The whole thing was unforgettable." Ron and Hermione finally get together. (Ron/Hermione)

Christmas, 1980 by Ignipes
Text version of this story can be found here.
Harry's first Christmas doesn't go exactly the way his mum hoped it would. (Lily/James)



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